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Touch Me

Pop-Up Cards that you can deliver the old-fashioned way.


1 Enter the Twitter name that this tweet will be FROM


let's start with

this color

we grabbed some palettes that should match the color.

choose one below to use for your card...

what do you want your Paper Tweet to say?

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Touch Me

⇓ Printing is your final step in the digital world.

Now it's time to pick up some scissors:)

There are only few cuts and folds you’ll need to make. Don't panic.

The printed template has instructions, but it may be easier to follow along with this video.


  • Thicker stock paper is better if your printer can handle it.
  • It's hard to fit long words (or URLs) into the card, so reconsider your multisyllabic tendencies.
  • Using PaperTweets to propose to or dump an intimate partner is probably not a good idea.

This project was originally created for 10k EventApart where all entries must be under 10kb (10,000 bytes). That makes the use of images very difficult, so graphical elements like the bird are drawn dynamically in the <canvas>.

The original contest version is here, just fitting within the 10k limit. This updated version has a few tiny additions: I added a bit of extra code for the 3D CSS transforms (if you're WebKit enabled), hopefully improved the UX a bit with clearer intructions, and slipped in two little images for shadows.

The app talks to both Twitter and, a wonderful community that openly shares its love of color (or colour). Check out their tools. And finally, nice to meet you, my name is Jonah or @jgmakes.