Wait for it...

Here she comes...

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I am stranded on a desert island

with wifi

A website I made is in a competition

If it wins, maybe someone will come save me

I only have 2 animal crackers left

Please vote for SophieHardach.com

Nike and Toyota are not stranded on desert islands

Though they probably own a few


You're still here

1 animal cracker

But where are my manners

Do you want the last one?

It's a hippo

Or maybe I should keep it

Friends are hard to come by on a desert island

And it appears to be a very pleasant hippo

I wonder if the internet has changed since I've been gone

Do people still like videos of cats?

I just ate my hippo

Please consider that while voting for Sophie Hardach

By the way

My name is not Sophie

But I did create a website for her. She's very cool

My name is Jonah

I'm running out of paper

So get me off this island

And please recycle this bottle

Your lucky numbers:





Voting has ended...

SophieHardach.com reached the Top 3.

You SAVED me:)

I'm off to London to find out what the Judges think.


♥ jonah jonahgoldstein.com @jgmakes